Export provides a json representation of an InvokedAction. It is used to exchange completions between commands with ActionImport as well as for Cache.

type Export struct {
	Version  string   `json:"version"`
	Messages []string `json:"messages"`
	Nospace  string   `json:"nospace"`
	Usage    string   `json:"usage"`
	Values   []struct {
		Value       string `json:"value"`
		Display     string `json:"display"`
		Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`
		Style       string `json:"style,omitempty"`
		Tag         string `json:"tag,omitempty"`
	} `json:"values"`
Versionversion of carapace being used
Messageslist of error messages
Nospacecharacter suffixes that prevent space suffix (* matches all)
Usageusage message
Valueslist of completion values
Valuevalue to insert
Displayvalue to display during completion
Descriptiondescription of the value
Stylestyle of the value
Tagtag of the value


example _carapace export example m<TAB>
  "version": "unknown",
  "messages": [],
  "nospace": "",
  "usage": "",
  "values": [
      "value": "modifier",
      "display": "modifier",
      "description": "modifier example",
      "style": "yellow",
      "tag": "modifier commands"
      "value": "multiparts",
      "display": "multiparts",
      "description": "multiparts example",
      "tag": "other commands"