v0.30 - Wire Tap

Tapping into other shells for additional completions.

Implicit Bridges

With CARAPACE_BRIDGES default bridges can be enabled for commands not provided by carapace.

set-env CARAPACE_BRIDGES 'zsh,fish,bash,inshellisense'

Order defines the precedence (e.g. if zsh has a git completer it will be used instead of the one in fish).

Explicit Bridges

Additionally to user specs ~/.config/carapace/bridges.yaml provides a simpler configuration of bridges.

gh: cobra
opentofu: complete
tsh: kingpin

bridges.yaml has a higher precedence than Implicit Bridges but lower than internal completers and specs. So disable an internal completer with Excludes if you want to replace it with a bridge.

Currently available bridges:

Bridging frameworks should be preferred to shells (e.g. zsh) as these generally work better and have less overhead.


With CARAPACE_EXCLUDES internal completers can be excluded.

Explicit Parsing Mode

So far flag parsing was implicitly disabled for bridge macros in specs. From now on this needs to be done explicitly.

# yaml-language-server: $schema=https://carapace.sh/schemas/command.json
name: az
description: Azure Command-Line Interface
parsing: disabled
  positionalany: ["$carapace.bridge.Argcomplete([az])"]
  • interspersed - mixed flags and positional arguments (default)
  • non-interspersed - flag parsing stopped after first positional argument
  • disabled - flag parsing disabled