v0.29 - Art Exchange

One step further to exchange completions between commands.


Registered the domain carapace.sh.

Root Command

Restructured the carapace root command which was (and still is) a bit of a mess. Some flags (subcommands) were renamed/changed for consistency.

  • --list=json -> --list --format json
  • --macros -> --macro
  • --scrape [spec] -> --codegen [spec]


The JSON Schema is now hosted at https://carapace.sh/schemas/command.json.

# yaml-language-server: $schema=https://carapace.sh/schemas/command.json

~/.config/carapace/schema.json is now deprecated and can be removed.


$_ prefix in specs is now deprecated and needs to be replaced with $carapace.

If a macro name contains . the first segment is handled as command that will be invoked.

# invokes `carapace _carapace macro color.HexColors ""`

# invokes `carapace-spec _carapace macro "Spec(example.yaml)" ""`

This behaviour will change slightly in the future to support custom macros.

With the --in-place flag of sed the specs can be updated directly.

sed 's/$_/$carapace./g' ~/.config/carapace/specs/*.yaml


Added a bridge for inshellisense (which uses fig under the hood).


Support for colored completion (requires nushell#11442).


Support for colored completion.