v0.27 - Hulk BASH!

Contains strong changes to the bash integration.


Support for redirects. bash passes these to the completion function, so crazy stuff like this is possible:

example action >/tmp/stdout.txt embeddedPositional1 --styles 2>/tmp/stderr.txt red 'embeddedPositional2 with space'

To make this work carapace-shlex is now used to parse COMP_LINE when invoked from a bash completion function.


Better support for bash COMP_WORDBREAKS using carapace-shlex. This was originally intended to make multipart completion easier (e.g. colon separated list), but actually makes it very complicated and error-prone.

Case insensitive matching

Added (limited) case insensitive matching.

Set environment variable CARAPACE_MATCH to CASE_INSENSITIVE or 1 to activate it. You might also need to configure your shell, e.g. in elvish:

set edit:completion:matcher[argument] = {|seed| edit:match-prefix $seed &ignore-case=$true }